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Welch Allyn – Software Test Engineer Co-op Position

This position is a software test engineering position primarily for the Connex CS project.

Connex CS is a software application developed in C# that will run as a client/server as well as in a standalone configuration. Connex CS is currently in a limited market release. Full market release is expected early 2014. Because Connex CS is not full market release, there is no Connex CS product information on the Welch Allyn web site. However, Connex CS is similar to our Connex VM product (

Connex CS testing includes communication with Welch Allyn devices such as the CVSM (

Should you be interested in this position, you will be working on our next Connex CS versions 1.6 and 1.7. There are few new additional capabilities and a number of changes identified. Our current 2014 plan is to have a release April 2014 and September 2014. There is also a chance you may help out some other Welch Allyn projects depending upon project priorities.

As a co-op, you will see requirements, requirements analysis, test development, testing, final reports as well as release. You will be expected to be able to run formal manual tests as well as some adhoc testing. Formal testing requires attention to detail and running a test step by step. The Connex CS application has several different components and you will have the opportunity to learn as much about the Connex CS product and other device products during your time at Welch Allyn. We have already begun initial testing of Connex CS 1.6 in which we will continuously test new software builds from now until the final formal run for record testing in April. Software builds come about every one to two weeks.

The Connex CS test team size is 13 people. One test lead (Pratik Desai), 3 test engineer contractors at WA Skaneateles (both RIT graduates), 2 co-op positions (to be filled), and 7 test engineer contractors located in India. The Connex CS test team is a diverse team that work very well together. Pratik leads the test team in a highly organized way and you will…