Software for Human Services Organization Paper

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Software for Human Services Organization Paper
In this paper we will explore the benefits of using this software to centralize electronic client records and human services resources. We will also explore how I might use the selected software to track client services as well as describe any advantages and disadvantages (if any) of using this particular software. We will explain how the size of the organization helps determine the software package chosen as well as three possible challenges that could occur during the implementation process and how we would resolve them.
Client track is a software program used in the human services field to promote health, human and social service organization (Client Track , 2013). Client Track is an
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Mobile intergration allows easy access form any smart phone, ipad or other web enabled device. A task management and calendar section enables the user to consolidate all work related activities into one system to promote efficientcy.
There is no set size of an organization to determine which package to get. It is more like a one size fits all. No matter how big or small the company is, Client track works the same maybe it is safe to say that the bigger the organization the more areas of the program may be used. Although with more clients there will definitely be more information and the storage device migh have a problem containing all the information on a day to day use. At this point in time I can not seem to find any disadvantages to this program. There is so much they offer it seems as if they cover every area in the human services field. Maybe a disadvantage might be training for individuals who may use the system.
I believe that there will be problems just like any other new program that gets implementated into every organization. For example the first might be that workers were use to the old system . They might have a hard time adjusting to the new program which is being implimented. In this situation I would hold a mandatory training workshop for all employees, and it would cover every area of the program. Another challenge might be if the sofware were