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Andrew Benyamin
3 April 2015
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Mrs. Martins
Sojourner Truth
Author- Peter Krass
Subject- Sojourner Truth
Date- 1988
Place- USA
Publisher- Grolier Incorporated
Number of Pages- 110

This book is a true tribute to sojourner Truth and has improved my opinion of her. Sojourner Truth has done many things to change my perspective of her. For example she pushed and pushed to fight for not only hers but also other woman’s rights, freedom, and to end slavery over all. Like many colored children back then, she was born into slavery but escaped many years later with her infant child. When she was younger about 12 to be exact both her parents passed away. For someone to have strength like that to keep going and push for her and many others freedom shows great courage and motivation. Her parents’ passing away was a key component for her to push on and to help others. She never stopped believing in her dreams and that later on changed the future.
A. What are the details about this person’s life?
Sojourner Truth also known as Isabella was born into slavery like many others. As a child she was sold to more than four owners, and as she grew up she was released in 1826, carrying her infant daughter, Sophia. In 1843 she changed her name to Sojourner Truth and announced she would travel the land as a preacher telling the truth against injustice. During the next several years she traveled around the East and Midwest preaching for human rights. She was also known as a powerful figure in many national social movements. She spoke forcefully for the abolition of slavery, women’s rights and suffrage, the right of freedom, and termination of capital punishment. Her first trip was to a place called Battle Creek in Michigan. There she was invited to speak to the radical quacker group, “The Friends of Human Progress”. The next year she moved to Michigan and bought a little barn on College Street. Unfortunately that is where she passed away on November 26, 1883. Her funeral service was attended by 1000 people. There was a phrase on her tombstone which was “Is God Dead”.

E. What personality traits helped this person achieve success and or fame?
There were many traits that helped Sojourner Truth achieve greatness and success. These traits were love, motivation, and determination. Truth’s love was motivated by her love Robert. She saw him get beaten and tortured by their owner when they were slaves. That triggered her emotions and her determination to abolish slavery. Truth went on a tour/ trip across the country preaching too many different groups and people about how slavery is bad and the negatives of it. On this trip she gave her