Sojourner Truth

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Kristy Hyatt
October 23, 2014
Dear Sojourner Truth, As you most likely know, our nation is at combat. Numerous people are losing their lives. I have listened to Abraham Lincoln’s plan and his sympathy to those who sacrificed their life on the battlefield. I think you would strongly agree with him. In The Gettysburg Address, he emphasized that all men are created equal, thus he would have the same opinion as you that women should have equal rights, and slaves should be free. Lincoln believes that all men should be created equal. I think you would come into agreement with him. In your Speech to the American Equal Rights Association you state that women should have equal rights. When he said, “all men should be created equal”, he was reminding everyone that America is supposed to be the land of the free. When women are not even able to have a voice, as you explained in your speech, they are not able to have freedom. I think you both share a similarity of opinions, because you both want equal rights. In the ending of The Gettysburg Address, he said, “we dead shall not have died in vain...” He is clarifying that it is for the living to keep fighting and win, otherwise those thousands of people’s deaths would be meaningless. He also said, “This nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that the new nation will have freedom.” Freedom would mean slavery would be abolished. You said in your speech that you were forty years a slave, and