Solar Panels Essay

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Solar Energy is electromagnetic energy that is radiated from the Sun. The Earth receives a total of 174 petawatts of energy, with 70% of it reaching the ground. The energy that reaches the ground can be converted by solar cells into usable energy.
Solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells, are electrical devices that convert light into electric energy. The solar cells vary in size and can range from a cell phone to a large textbook. The process used by solar cells to convert light into electricity is called the photovoltaic effect. However, Greg Neilson, a researcher at the Sandia National Laboratories, has managed to shrink solar cells to the size of glitter. The glitter sized solar cells have the potential to double the energy output of a solar panel.
Next, the process that converts light to energy is called the photovoltaic effect. The effect occurs when beams of light excite and release electrons. These electrons are attracted by a positive cathode and create an electric circuit. Then, the circuit charges other electrical devices. An advantage of the photovoltaic effect is that it is completely silent and requires very little maintenance.
Lastly, there are solar panels, which are used to power devices that a single solar cell can’t. Solar panels are packaged assemblies of solar cells. Solar panels use glass to protect the solar cells from environmental damage. Solar panels can be mounted onto roof and outer walls of a building or mounted on tripod stands. Solar