Solar Power Essay

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Solar power plant is kind of solar furnace which is used in order to capture the focus sunlight. It consist of mirror which can be moved along to get the rays of the sun properly focus on the target point to collect it and steam is generated which helps in generating electricity. This Inanpah ‘’power tower plant’’ which is under construction in the southern California is expected to be complete in 2013. It is almost similar to the photo voltaic power plant .Due the hike in price of solar panel many of them use it including by the project in California.
“Electricity from Ivanpah will be traded underneath multiple power purchase agreements, each of 20-25 years duration with Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas and Electric Co.--nearly doubling the amount of commercial solar thermal energy now generated in the United States. This Power is usefull to supply solar energy to themore than 140,000 U.S. also support to main the the clean environment and avoid the 400,000 tons of carbon emissions per year associate with California's goal of 33% renewable power generation by 2020. At peak, construction at Ivanpah will employ 1,000 people.”[1]
By using best quality solar steam, they are able to produce reliable and low-cost power that meets the customer’s needs. In this they are using this kind of technology which decrease the cost of the energy and profitable to the customer.[2]
It has a great impact on the environment and wildlife also. While on the other hand it