Solar Synthesis Essay

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Does it ever come to mind how much society has grown due to technology? The light bulb, generators, and solar panels are just three examples of advancement in the technology that is electricity that has helped society grow. Why is electricity better advanced, well, light bulbs helped better illuminate the world, generators allowed people to bring their energy with them, and solar panels have affected the way energy is obtained. All of these pieces of technology have helped change electricity and society as a whole. Which is why the type of technology that has had the greatest impact on society is electricity and within electricity light bulbs, generators, and solar panels.
One form of electricity that has highly impacted the world of technology is the light bulb. Throughout time, light bulbs have advanced so much. There are many different kinds of light bulbs like spiral, incandescent, globes, and many more. "Twenty years after Thomas Edison demonstrated a
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Generators are basically compacted engines, they store energy that can be used when the power goes out in a storm or if the power company has failed for some reason. Generators are usually inexpensive but still cost a good sum of money. According to Consumer Report's Quick Guide for generators says, "The best portable generators can power your fridge and other essentials for as little as $600," (Consumer Reports 1). What this means is that it only costs $600 to power appliances and other things when the power goes out. Generators are not just useful within a home environment but in many other places as well. According to Plos One, "Stationary combustion engines are used for a wide variety of applications including construction, farming and industrial services," (Smits 1). Generators have helped electricity become the most influential type of technology in society by allowing people to have extra energy just in