Soldier Island Wilfred Owen Analysis

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The story begins with the introduction of 10 people, telling their stories and about how they are getting invited to Soldier Island by someone of the name called U.N. Owen, or U.N.O. When they all meet for the first time is at the boat that is taking them to the island. Then when they get to the house they pick a room and have dinner. Then a recording gets turned on while they are all eating. The recording states that all of these people have committed a murder. They don’t know who turns the recording on but as soon as it says what they all have done, they begin questioning everyone and two people die that very first night that they are on the island. As it goes through the chapters, it starts getting down to fewer and fewer people. They die according to the poem that is written in all of their rooms. In the drawing room there are soldier figurines. When one of the ten people die, a soldier figurine goes missing or is smashed. No one knows who is the …show more content…
Because of the island they were separate from society and no one could help them. They had no phone,boat, and no one even knew that they were on the island. The setting on the island was very rainy, gloomy and that added to the suspense that added to the atmosphere. The first couple days that they were on the island it was sunny and also during the last day that Vera was on the island. The house that they were staying in was a big, fancy new house that was built, but bad things happened there. You don't see too often where a nice house can cause bad things. “ If this house had been an old house, with creaking wood, and dark shadows, and heavily panelled walls, there might be an eerie feeling. But this essence of modernity. There were no dark corners- no possible sliding panels- it was flooded with electric light-everything was new and bright and shinning. There was nothing hidden in this house, nothing concealed. It had no atmosphere about it.” (pg