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Euthanasia a Sometimes Solution

Euthanasia is “the act of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly
sick or injured individuals in a relatively painless way for reasons of
mercy” (Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition). Many believe
euthanasia is a cruel and inhumane option for those who suffer. But others
have a different view of the subject; they believe it is in necessary to
keep their loved ones from suffering and in many cases save them from
future emotional pain because of their disabilities or appearance. The two
sides argue over whether euthanasia is appropriate or not but euthanasia is
an appropriate choice for many people.

Euthanasia is not for only those who are suffering or in pain, but it is
also opted for children with disabilities. According to the Justice
Ministry, four cases of child euthanasia were reported to prosecutors in
2003. Two were reported in 2002, seven in 2001 and five in 2000. All the
cases in 2003 were reported by Groningen, but some of the cases in other
years were from other hospitals (Netherlands grapples with euthanasia of
babies). Granted some of these euthanized children were probably because of
the last minute decisions made by unsure parents but euthanasia offers that
last minute choice. With the option of euthanasia the parents who changed
their minds about not wanting a child at the last minute do not increase of
the count of unwanted children. Not all parents think as selfishly as the
ones who changed their mind at the last minute. Some who choose euthanasia
for their children do so because their death might be better for the
child’s sake. There are many factors in which a parent might believe a
child is better off without them.

Many questions are presented when presented with the idea of euthanasia.
One of which is when should euthanasia be administered? Dr. Boris Veysman
in, For This Doctor, ‘DNR mean Do not Resign’, says “Their will quit weeks
ago, after the patient’s minor symptoms of chemo and cancer were left
unaddressed, leaving the impression that her life wasn't worth living.”
when a person is in so much pain and has given up hope of surviving and
want to end their own life that is when euthanasia should be administered.
In the case where family members are in pain watching their loved suffer
then the family should be able to euthanize the individual. These two cases
are the only time euthanasia should be administered.

A common question that comes up with family euthanizing a loved one is what
if the loved one does not want death. in situations where the loved one
cannot express whether they want to euthanized or not then it should be up…