Causes Of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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2. Highlight the Problem...
Thousands of teenage girls intentionally injure themselves due to excess stress that they can’t deal with, so they cut themselves to feel a sense of control.

3. From you Research... What are the root causes of your problem?
Teenagers are depressed and stressed. They are insecure about their body and cope with the mental pain by cutting their body.

4. Stakeholders... Who is involved in this plan? How will they be involved or impacted?
The people involved in this plan are teenagers who cut themselves or may cut themselves later on, and the people around them who may be affected by their cutting. They will be impacted because our goal is to get them to stop cutting, or at least prevent more people from starting intentionally injuring themselves.

5. What has already been done?
Psychotherapy like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) this helps you identify unhealthy behaviors, such as cutting and replace them with healthy ones, such as painting etc. There is also dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) this therapy is a type of CBT. It teaches behavioral skills to help tolerate distress, helps manage emotions, and improves relationships with other people. Psychodynamic psychotherapy (PDP) this focuses on past experiences guided by a therapist.
Cognitive behavioral therapy- helps you identify unhealthy behaviors and replace them with healthy
Mindfulness-based therapies- help you live in the present, appropriately realize the thoughts and actions of friends and family to reduce anxiety and depression improve general well-being psychiatric medicines to deal with depression etc. this can make you now as compelled to cut yourself. psychiatric hospitalization a doctor may recommend hospitalization for psychiatric care. This provides a safe, monitored environment and intense treatment until you are more stable.
6. Action Plan
We want to make a difference for the depressed teens who cut. Cutting is caused by depression, anxiety and/or stress. Depression is prevented by teens bacoming more active and exercising. Our plan of action is to call different local gyms