Solution to Healthy Eating Essay

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The Solution to Eating Healthy

In the United States of America, we face a serious problem. The dietary choices of the United States are by far the worst in the world. About a third of our population ages fifteen and over suffer from being obese and overweight. From the looks of it Warner assumption is going to more than likely be true Many problems contribute to these factors but among then they are, an excess of fast food chains found in the street, low income budget for the citizens, and last but definitely not least the amount of video game users in the United States. Days pass in our life and we just cannot help but notice how many new fast food chains are opening. The fast food market seems to ever be expanding. As Americans we live a busy and hectic life. We spend most of our time at our jobs, in school, and driving around doing errands, and just sleep in our so-called “houses” which can be considered more of a dormitory than a home. So it is safe to say Americans are always on the go. While always being on the go we barely have time to prepare our own food from our own kitchen. So on our way to work we pass by a few Dunkin Donut chains and ultimately we settle down for a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts, then for lunch we would do the same but this time we are craving a burger and stop by McDonalds. The point is no matter where we look, there lays an unhealthy fast food chain that will serve us food in less than four minutes, which accommodates our fast paced lifestyle. Because of this it leads Americans to be obese and overweight. Warner speaks of how Michelle Obama is trying hard to get kids to start eating healthy, but the reality is that the parents of the children are the one who control what their children eat. While being in the middle of a recession income to the middle and low class are very bad. So when parents can pay a dollar for a greasy cheeseburger and eighty cents for a liter of soda compared to two dollars for a ball of lettuce