Essay on Solution-focused theory

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Introduction According to Gladding (2011), the idea of family is not universal; it varies amongst different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Throughout the course of the semester, several theories of marriage and family have been introduced and acknowledged. Over the course of time, society has influenced and altered the structure of family life, thus altering the methods and techniques in which therapy for couples and families are provided. A study conducted by Bradley et al. (2008) suggests that when individuals/families seek counseling or therapy, they are more likely to encounter a therapist who practices “cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, or Bowen family systems rather than a therapist whose primary …show more content…
She was known as the “sparkplug in the clinical implementation of solution-focused therapy” and her work was captured on paper (Gladding, 2011). As a result, she has over 10 books and a large selection of articles that pertain to solution-focused family therapy. As mentioned, Bill O’Hanlon influence to solution-focused family therapy was sparked by his collaboration with Weiner-Davis. Furthermore, he also gained a genuine passion for family therapy as a result of his experiences as an adolescent and a young adult. O’Hanlon’s life experiences during these stages of life can rightfully describe him as an “outsider” or as an individual who did not fit in with the crowd. Bubenzer and West (1993) states that during his experimentation with drugs he noticed that “the reality we all take for granted could be changed by a couple of micrograms of something introduced into one’s body” (as cited with Gladding, 2011, 306). Equally important, a friend’s influence to stop O’Hanlon from suicide was a huge milestone in his life that also influenced his decision to engage in therapeutic work. In 1980, after receiving proper education from Arizona State University, he became a huge supporter of solution-focused therapy, which he referred to as possibility