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Janice Reardon

Instructor: Erin Kramer

Composition 1

June 4, 2013

Analysis: Solutions 4 Hair

So as I was gazing at the newspaper, I ran across an ad for

“Solutions 4 Hair.” It is an ad to help those suffering from hair loss. In this

advertisement it states, “Hair Progression, Not Hair Extension.” This

salon has over 25 years of combined experience using this non-surgical

hair replacement procedure. At the end of the ad there is a contact

telephone number and a current address, but it also states that the

company services the Ohio and Michigan areas. In the bottom left corner

of the ad, just below the name of the company, there is a middle aged

woman positioned with a mirrored and window effect. Printed in the

bottom right corner is the business web page, I

really enjoyed the ad and I think that this company expressed their idea

of what an average person might look like after getting this procedure


Solutions for Hair have used several different colors in this

particular advertisement. The ad is 3 ½ inches long and 5 inches wide.

The text is mostly a fuchsia pink with a ½ inch thick bar, also in pink,

going across the bottom of the ad. Solutions 4 Hair is positioned in the

top left corner and written in navy blue letters. There is a before and after

picture of a woman in the bottom left corner, each 1 inch by 1 ½ inch. In

the before pic, the woman is dressed in black with short blonde hair and

a gray background. In the after pic, the woman has a vibrant smile and is

wearing an Ohio State University shirt. She has long, lustrous, blonde hair

and is standing in front of a bright yellow wall. The advertiser states the

telephone number and location in black text. The after picture makes the

woman appear more beautiful, vibrant, and definitely happy. The

advertiser states “Ultratress 11 allows you to do more-and get more-than

the standard hair extension process”. This text is written in red and

located in the center right column.

I think this ad targets woman who wants longer and fuller hair. The

ad states that it is for men and women, but because it previews a

woman’s before and after picture, I think it’s mainly targeting woman

who suffer from hair thinning or hair loss. I think if the company wanted

to seek men suffering from baldness, they would have clearly placed a

before and after pic of a man in this advertisement.

I believe the text of this advertisement and the text do not interact

well together. It states in the ad that you will get more out of this

standard procedure than getting a hair extension process done. You

cannot visually see the difference. I cannot see what it is that you are

getting more of except hair. I believe Solutions for Hair should also have

placed a picture of how the procedure is done in this ad, or maybe what

equipment is used. I mean