Solutions Development Essay

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Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant:
Motivating in Good Times and Bad
Milestone 3: Solutions Development

The Scanlon Plan can be used as a major catalyst to turnaround the plant by emphasizing more on productivity. The more they work the faster they roll towards their bonuses; this magical spell is a win-win situation for both the employees and the management. The management can cruise steadily over the wave of bonus motivated productivity and the employees can reap the benefits from the high production rate in terms of bonuses. The plan can be redrawn and a slight change can be made by making the entire plan revolve around the concept of productivity. When productivity assumes a prime position in the plan, employees will strive hard
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The work environment must be made highly competitive in order to extract the best from all and avoid a flat line in terms of satisfaction. Recognition of employees is crucial as they feel related to the organization and strive hard to attain the organizational goals (Arnolds & Boshoff, 2002). A successful organization is the one which has its employees working towards the organizational beliefs and its mission.
The TAP (Turnaround Plan) has been designed by keeping all the problems in mind and thus recommends certain strategic actions which will turnaround the plant towards stability. Engstrom will be able to tackle pressing issues such as lower production rate, communication issues and employee morale being all time low by following the below mentioned action plan. * The Scanlon Plan should be modified wherein the payroll is directly proportional to the production rate. The employee goal will be the production rate and every time they achieve that, bonuses shall be doled out. * Feedback from the employees should be valued and evaluated as this will help the management to reduce costs and maximize revenues. * Employees will be self-motivated to achieve the desired production rate as beyond a certain payroll value they will be eligible for the bonus. This strategy will keep them on the run towards achieving a high production rate. * Employee engagement schemes such as organizing workshops bridges the gap between the management