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Maya Hernandez
It all begins in Dr. Stockmann's living room, while Mrs. Stockmann is entertaining the dinner guests. As the evening continues, the Mayor (Dr. Stockmann's brother) and Hovstad (editor of the newspaper) have joined for dinner. Everyone gathered into the house, the Mayor needs to talk his brother about an issue regarding the town baths and the rumors that have been about them being contaminated. The two Brothers get into an argument about hiding and manipulating the truth to get the results that are convenient for themselves. Petra (the Doctor's daughter) brings in a letter that her father has been waiting for about the baths health. After Dr. Stockmann reads the letter, he discover his suspicions were right and the water from the baths are contaminated. Hovstad decides he wants to print an article and share the story, Hovstad wants the article to inform the town of the corruption that happens behind closed doors, to him this was an opportunity to start.
After this the Mayor suggests that they can’t let the public know about the bath situation because it would cost too much money to fix them all, convincing Hovstad (and a few other men who agreed with his brother), to be on his side of things. The Mayor now tries to ruin his brother’s speech to the town. Little did he know that plan wasn’t needed, for the Doctor ruined it himself. The reason he ruined this himself was because he said some things that the public considered an insult; so they