Solving Education

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Julia Khan
Professor Scalia

Solving Education

Within the years, our education system has become a complete downfall. There are more students dropping out rather than graduating. The education system is only getting worse. The problems and gaps are only becoming bigger, creating more issues. As a student, I believe the real problem lies within ourselves, teachers, students , administration etc. I want to change that, my classmates want it to change and so do many teachers. But, what kind of response would we get in return? Do other people feel the same way we do? Will we actually make a difference? There are so many questions and so little answers, so many issues and not enough effort to fix them.

I mentioned that the problem lies within ourselves as teachers, students and administrators, in elaboration I mean we all need some type of discipline. Teachers need to be disciplined by their higher authorities. From experience, I can say majority of teachers have lost interest in their students. They have lost interest in their job. I've spent most of high school sitting down and discussing irrelevant things with other students. Teachers need to be reminded of why they became a teacher in the first place. If the teacher doesn't care, the student sees no reason to care either. Students need to be disciplined by both their parents and teachers. They need to learn their place as a student and understand that their actions affect them and no one else. Parents who are involved in a child's life, play a big part in their education. From my perspective, as a student we need support. Encouragement from parents is one of the most enlightening factors to get by in school.

The problem just doesn't lie within high school. The younger generation learn nothing. As a witness to my younger cousins and nephews when they bring home homework according to them, they never learned anything in class. In my opinion, I believe that maybe the teachers tried to capture the attention of parents by giving the students homework on something they had yet to learn. Causing parents to spend time with