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Solve a Problem Paper There are many situations that a person will experience throughout her professional careers. Often the ways in which people handle these issues will affect the ways in which they are viewed within the organization, which will either help or hinder them in the end. The creative process can often help employees to navigate through issues in a professional manner that presents new ways of dealing with issues. By allowing people to plan and practice, through brainstorm ideas, discussing the ideas, and questioning these ideas, improvising on those ideas, reviewing the ideas, refining the thoughts revolving around the ideas proposed, and sharing and reflecting on the various ideas proposed, people can successfully use the creative thinking process to resolve various problems (Murphy, 1956). For example, the creative process was instrumental in assisting workers resolve many issues that presented itself within the ad agency. While doing an internship for the state agency that regulates higher education, it has been witnessed many issues resolved through the use of the creative thinking process. Many of these issues presented themselves during meetings, whether it was during the preparation for these meetings, or whether it was while discussing various issues within the meeting. For example, various school leaders met to evaluate ways in which they could decrease the number of students who become college drop-outs. Students’ dropping out of college was a problem that affected every aspect of the state's economy. Students who did not complete a college degree were often left with loans difficult to repay because they would have difficulty finding jobs that could cover the cost of living and the loans. One of the first things the leaders were asked to do was to brainstorm why students were dropping out of college so early. There were many leaders attributed the high drop-out rates of college students to their lack of interest in college and financial aid issues, although a few others attributed it to other obstacles, such as caring for family or other loved ones, etc. When asked to expand on the reasons that most leaders chose lack of interest as barriers to students graduating, many leaders stated that acts like students failing to homework and other work that was required of