Soma In Brave New World

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The use of “soma” in Brave New World also represents drug abuse, that can be seen everyday in American society today. The main character in the novel, Bernard, does not really like soma, but he does it anyways because the society around him already sees him as an outcast. Other signs of drug abuse include the fact that soma was served with almost every meal and taken throughout the day (Huxley 75). The society relied on the drug to keep them happy, but it distracted them from the truth that their perfect society was actually harmful and corrupt. Another danger of drug addiction is that it makes the user do things that they would not have done sober. At the end of the novel, John the Savage realizes the evil and immoral things he had done while under the influence of soma: ““Oh, my God, my God!” He covered his eyes with his hand” (Huxley 259). He then commits suicide because he is overwhelmed with guilt.
People in the world use drugs for various reasons. It might be due to peer pressure, physical pain, mental pain, entertainment, or even violence. They can make you do things you would never want to do. The danger of drugs does not only stretch to the physical consequences. It expands to the society around them. In American society
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Side effects of heroin include: “Nausea and vomiting, grogginess, confusion, dry mouth, itchy skin, miotic or constricted pupils, light sensitivity, lower than normal body temperature, slowed respiration, slowed heart rate, cyanotic (bluish) hands, feet, lips, etc.”(Patterson). Long term effects of heroin can be damaged teeth and gums, damaged skin from scratching, malnutrition, and weakness. In the article, “The Effects of Heroin” by Eric Patterson, he says, “Pregnant women that use heroin are at risk of miscarriage, and place their children at risk of communicable disease, as well as being addicted to the drug from birth”