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A very warm welcome to Somali Education Centre Having observed the prevalent under achievement of the Somali students in the local primary and secondary schools, we where obliged to bring about some sort of awareness and address the issues of our local community. Somali Education Centre started off by identifying schools with large number of Somali students, we worked closely with those schools in ascertaining the key issues for underachievement in this community and the solutions going forward. We identified some of the following issues:-

Students lack of support outside of schools.
Parents lack of involvement with the schools due to language difficulties thus for creating a gap between the children and their parents.
Lack of space for learning at home due to overcrowding.
Majority of the students from unemployed or low income families, with a significant number of single parent families.
Parents low literacy levels or lack of understanding of the British school system.
Behavioral issues, which is sometimes attributed to the Somali students finding it difficult to adjust to a new country, whilst some of them have the memories of the conflict back home fresh in their young minds.

Somali Education Centre targeted the breakdown of some, if not all, of these barriers to learning for most of the Somali students in Islington. We aim to do this by utilising our strong core of like minded individuals who want to see the advancement of this community, professional and