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Famine and Hunger Case study: Somalia

Colonial History
Somalia which is official known as the Republic of Somalia has faced different famines since 1991.It is bordered by Ethiopia and Djibouti .It is recognized along the horn of Africa.Its coastline is more than 3,025 kilometres in length, meaning Somalia has one of the greatest main land lengths in both Africa and the Middle East. The land is a mixture of plateaus , highlands, and plains.Specific dry seasons appear in Somalia's Climate, which are known as Jiilaal and Hagaa. The average temperature of Somalia remains in between 30°C to 40°C.
"The relationship between famine and war in Africa have become more and more obvious"(C.Funnell 59). Countless countries are desperately poor and hundred of thousands of the people have become deceased due to starvation.Somalia came into independence in 1960 because they rejected its colonial boundaries ,on the grounds that they excluded about one-third of all Somali people. Somalia is natural resources include U ra n i u m a n d l a rg e l y u n e xp l o i te d re se rve s o f i ro n o re , ti n , g yp su m, b a u xi te , co p p e r, sa l t, n a tu ra l g a s, a n d o i l re se rve s The colonization of Somalia was consummated by European nations most specifically by Italy after Britain withdrew and gave "Somaliland" to Italy.. Following Somalia's colonization a dictatorship arose in the beginning of 1969 led by Siad Barre a charismatic dictator who encouraged a cult, who also called himself a “Victorious Leader,” he served as president and military ruler of Somalia from 1969-1991. During Barre time as the president he made himself head of a Supreme Revolutionary Council and imposed autocratic rules through his cult and the harsh enforcement of an official ideology called "Scientific Socialism." He established relations with the Soviet Union, officially outlawed clan loyalties (while using clan elders to establish order in rural areas), and promoted literacy with a newly introduced Roman alphabet. He later relinquished his ties with the Soviets and sought U.S. aid, but allegations of human rights abuses hurt his international standing. By 1990 fighting among clans and between clan militias and the government forced Siad to promise reforms, including free elections. He was forced out of office in January 1991 and in 1992 went into exile in Nigeria. A civil war continued to outbreak between clans and Ethiopian rebels.
Somalia has faced years of a non available government. This is why many problems arise because there is no one in power to make proper decisions for the country.

Siad Barre(wiki source)

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