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Somalia is a poor country in the Eastern Hemisphere, located in the Horn of Africa. An attack

brought on by Al-Shabaab a Muslim religious leader from Iraq and a drought has caused many issues

in Somalia. Problems arise such as education because of the amount of money they have to gear

toward scholastic funds, and health care and nutrition. However these conditions have been taken into

consideration by many programs such as UNICEF. Although Somalia is headed for the worst there

failing economic situation is still being saved.

War and health care issues arose because of an assumption made by Al-Shabaab. After Kenya's

Prime Minister visited Israel rumors were spread and he was accused of seeking assistance in

“destroying Muslim people and their religion”. Soon after that, Kenyan troops had moved into

Somalia to fight Al-Shabaab's militants. At that point, fighting became continuous. It was later

estimated that only 500,000 people remained in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu. This made health care

scarce for Mogadishu.

Today, things are no better. There are now five hospitals with depleted resources serving

2,000,000 people. Somalia's health care system has not had a chance to get back on its feet since the

civil war, when it was initially destroyed. This attack by Al-Shabaab has made a large impact and

caused more trouble and inflamed previous issues. Health care and nutrition really play hand and hand

because of a drought first discovered in mid-July 2011. Somalia has experienced rain failure for the

past 2 years. This lack of rain has caused crop failure and lose of livestock, which has decreased milk

production and caused poor harvest. Resources such as milk and harvested goods are important to

Somalia, it would be for any country. Milk use to be a good source of vitamin C but not anymore, not

since 2009. Still there is a little hope for Somalia. Somalia's health care system is in the process of

being rebuilt and made stronger. The health care system is now being overseen by Omar Adan Ali, the

Minister of Health of Somalia.

Education is another important issue throughout the entire world. This generation is our future

therefore, if our generation of kids don't get the education needed governments will be unorganized

and higher authorities will lack education needed. There are many stages of education in Somalia.

The first is ECD (Early Childhood Development). ECD is only primary education, not a formal

educational program. The next stage can be considered regular or basic school and teaches only

compulsory subjects. The last stage is taught for four years to children of the age 15 to 18 years old.

This stage is known as secondary education. Secondary education teaches all the same classes as

basic school plus some. The fact that Somalia has so many education programs is good but, where

does the money come from to fund these