Essay about Some Analysis and Proposed for Perfect Pizzeria

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Some analysis and recommendations for Perfect Pizzeria

I. Problems Of This Case

Perfect Pizzeria has no clearly regulations, reward systems, training systems ought to be developed aiming to introduce the motivator factors to employees, such as achievement, recognition and advancement.

For manager: This no formalized training nor was there any systematic criterion for becoming a manager. This led to a low effort to performance expectancy as the managers doubted their capability to perform the duties as a manager effectively. Hence, the managers lacked the confidence and knowledge to take initiative in solving certain problem that occurred during business operations.

For employee: With Strong substitutability
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Since most managers do not have degrees, they probably tend to feel inferior to most of the employees. Having been trained would not generally take away the sense of inferiority but would slowly reduce the intensity.

IV. Recommendation

1.Clear Corporation Regulations: There must be changes to the policies of Perfect Pizzeria Corporation, which means to begin on the topmost level of the corporation. Managers and employees will work efficiently because a large supervision was provided..beyond manager’s position. Such advancement should be based on performance.
2. A Good Training Systems: Training systems would elicit a higher degree of loyalty from managerial personnel than it otherwise would. It would obviously result in a higher percentage of better managers who could likely reach lower waste percentage figures without increased rewards for employees. Such training would raise the level of respect, both of the manager for himself and of the employees to him.

A Good Plan For Rewards Of Proposed Incentive: Establish a plan for rewards of proposed incentive. When the high and positive values of instrumentality and valence could multiply a good value of expectancy (night manager’s belief that their effort will yield good performance), we have a good motivation in place. Pros as follows: 1. Better management control over