Some Animals Are People

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“Some animals are people”
Some people believe that animals are people because they share the same qualities as human beings, such as being aware that they exist, having the ability to make plans and make conscious choices with reason, and therefore should be considered as people. Others agree with this statement and say that there is no significant difference between humans and other animals as humans are also mammals. An argument for this statement is that some animals perform the same jobs as humans (such as acting, working in the police force and army) and deserve the same right as humans to be people. Animals such as Chimpanzees have impressive intellectual capabilities and are able to communicate with each other, similar to the dolphins and some believe this is one of the key factors to being a ‘person’. John Paul II, former Pope of the Catholic Church, said "Animals Too Have Souls Just like Men" and for that reason should be accepted as people.
Others would argue that in order to be a person you need to have a soul, and that animals do not have souls, however this is controversial because it is impossible to provide sufficient evidence of a soul existing. An argument against this statement is that in order to be a person you need to have human DNA and so should not have the same rights/titles as humans. In addition, some may argue that they do not think morally and cannot make moral decisions. Others believe that people/person is a noun for humans.
Some animals