Impact Of Ict In Helath Care

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There is a huge impacts in the utilization of human resource due to the incoroporation of advancement in information communications technology(ICT) for eg:manufacturing and financial services. Beside some of the benefits of ICT in helath care , its full impacts of benefits is only been realized when it is incorporated in systematic form rather than any other form. There are three different thursts which is likely to have impact in healthcare human resources which are as follows: 1. Removal of some positions and other position due to alteration brought about at local instuitions 2. There is an impact in shifting of medical healthcare professionals from one type to another because of changes in the medical services provided such as therapy of gene and minimally invasive interventions. 3. Due to changes in development of human resource resources and policies, the development occurs with the help of following significant forces:
Technology, globalization, radical demands, change in the roles and expectations of workers, bio technology, etc.
As the development of Human Resource occurs, there are certain overwhelming problems faced by HRD programs as there is a dearth of computer literate employees or workers to meet the increasing demand of the workplace. The main focus is on the employee not having to spend more of their time in initial and on going training. As we all know that knowledge is key to company’s key advantage and acknowledge as major human asset, so , in lack of knowledge, human knowledge deficit exists.
Along with the development in human resource strategies and policies, the continued degradation of natural resources will automatically decrease as more humans are being offered the necessary skills and resources fro them to become contributors for the sake of progress of the world. Also, there is change in market dynamics , increase in the