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We, the Canadian Consultants have decided that the most suitable city for the Kyota testing grounds is Thunder Bay. We have discussed all of the elements that define a city as a "challenging ecozone" and discovered that Thunder Bay would be, with absolutely no doubt, the best for this specific project. Thunder Bay has great climatic characteristics, contributing to our decision; it has long winters averaged at about -15 degrees celsius and short summers averaged at about 17 degrees celsius. Thunder Bay has a very wide temperature range which is crucial in order to put the vehicle through the extremes of each season. It also has a pretty decent amount of precipitation per year, it may not have the largest amount compared to the other cities but if need be, Thunder Bay is located on the coast of lake superior so man-made simulated rain would not be a problem, as the lake water would be available. Thunder Bay also has very suitable physical characteristics that outline it as our "most challenging ecozone". Thunder Bay is within the Boreal Shield which has the largest area out of all the ecozones. The landform of the Boreal Shield is made up of plains and low hills of the Canadian Shield, it isn't very mountainous compared to, for say the Prairie Ecozone where Saskatoon is located or the Pacific Ecozone where Vancouver is located, but finding a tough mountain to test the vehicle on would be no trouble because Mount McKay is situated right in Thunder Bay. The soil of Thunder Bay is by far the most challenging terrain compared to all of the other cities. It