Some People Assert That We Should Alway Essay

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Everybody lives in a social network. So how should we deal with the relationship with other people? Some people assert that we should always tell the truth. In my opinion, in most cases, it is true, but for some special instances, maybe there are other more important factors we should take into account.

Undoubtedly, being honest can make us to be a trustworthy person. Just as the wolf story says, if you tell the lies over and over again, people will lose faith in you, then when you are in a real trouble, they won't come to help to aviod being cheated again.

However, this does automatically mean that we should always tell the truth no matter in what condition. After all, honesy is not the proper type of behavior in some specific situations. In certain life cases, we would rather lie than tell the truth.

Sometime, make others happy is more important. For example, when the children cook for their parents for the first time, the meal may taste not that delicious. The children may take the sugar for salt or fry overtime. But for most parents, they just praise their children. "Well done!" "It is so tasty! I like it." These compliments instead of telling them truth will make their children more willing to cook for their family in the future. After several practices, the children can cook delicious food and learn a new life skill.

The same logic applies to relationship between friends. If your friend had worn a newly purchased dress on her birthday and energetically asked you