Some School Staff Members Should Be Trained To Carry Guns In Schools

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Derek Salgado
World History
A few groups in Arizona that support gun rights believe some school staff members should be trained to carry guns on campuses for protection. However, this is the main issue to consider. Both Heller and Rineer said they are not advocating arming every teacher and staffer. Instead, they said those with special training should have immediate access to weapons should the need arise. So I think that this is unethical. It would display a hypocritical moral. Schools would be better off without guns at schools because then they would realize that weapons do not solve problems. As for the staff and teachers, they should instead of training their gun skills, should better train with communicating with the armed suspect and learn to work with their coping skills or being ready for any emergency in the aspect that they should have a special protocol involving the police.

The idea that Rineer suggested where the school locks up a rifle in the principal’s office is pretty reasonable. I would much rather think it makes more sense to have one person on the school such as the principal or another staffer in the office as the backup, pecial trained for such an emergency like a school shooting. I think it is very unnecessary to have ALL the teachers trained to battle gunmen. Because in the end, once you think about it, one well trained person against a gunman as oppose to multiple armed teachers is a better example for students to learn from.