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October 9th 2014 Don’t bother
Making conscious efforts to save the environment and prevent climate change have been some of the most general problem for years. In “Why Bother,” an article written by Michael Pollan about climate change, questions several arguments on why we should do to go green. In the article, the author discusses that many people are aware of the speed of environmental changes, but feel that it is too late to take action. He stresses that if we are waiting “for legislation or technology to solve the problem of how we’re living our lives suggests that we’re not really serious about changing” because our politicians are not going to take the initiative to begin the process. He also adds that there are many ways we can contribute to environmental preservation in ways such as, growing our own crops, reducing our meat intake, no shopping, no driving, no electronics. The tone of the article was negative towards the beginning, but then quickly shifts to a more positive one when he expresses that there is a reason to "bother".
I agree with statement of author claimed, because it really arises the issue of Global Warming and the audience that involves all over the world. And the author gives us great reasons and statistics to understand why we should bother and change our lives to a green one for the sake of our planet. Although the author argues that we should all do to protect environment, he acknowledges the