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Somebody once said “The moment you close your eyes, is the moment you lose the chance of turning back.” When I had first heard this proverb, I was felt disbelief. Because, I used to think that there was only one path you could take in life and once you chose that path, you couldn’t turn back. I was a really immature when I was young, so I always thought everything was a piece of cake. But when I couldn’t get it down on a first try, I’d quit. My teachers all told me I had to stick with something in order to get better at it. So I chose what gave me the most pleasure: video editing. When I went to Maryland School of Arts, I took every single video editing took over my life. When I wasn’t studying or fulfilling life necessities, I would spend every hour I had working for the school yearbook or playing around with new soft wares. In my sophomore year, my friends had finally talked me into attending homecoming. It was the best time of my life. The music and the dance I did made felt like something new to me. I went to sleep that night with wonderful dreams of dancing like I did at homecoming. But when I woke up the next day, I burst into tears. I was traumatized to be faced with a certain decision between my long passion of video editing, and my new found love for dancing. As much as it hurt, I knew that I had to stick with video editing. It was what I was going to do and nothing would change my choice. I never thought of dancing again. I graduated from MSA and came here to the Art Institute to major in video editing. But on when I first stepped into the park, I was attracted to by music. I followed the sound until I discovered the source. It was a boom box surrounded by a semi circle of students and two break dancers battling in the middle. I watched with awe as these people defied