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Tonta Swayne
Introduction to finance

1. List and briefly explain the 8 types of medical coverage
The 8 types of medical coverage’s are hospital expenses, surgical, physician, major medical, comprehensive major, hospital indemnity, dental, and vision expenses insurance. The first three hospitals, surgical and physician insurance are bought as a combination package, and are called basic health insurance coverage. a. Hospital expense insurance covers the maximum amount that you’re charged a day’s stay in a medical facility. These charges include, room, board and any other charges accumulated. b. Surgical expense insurance pays all or part of the fees of an operation performed by a surgeon. Specific operations and the maximum fee allowed for each operation is listed in this type of policy. c. Physician expense insurance pays for expenses other than surgery. This insurance may include annually visits to a physician for check-ups. d. Major medical expense insurance protects an individual against large fees due to long-term illnesses, and or serious injuries. This insurance adds to protection that a basic health insurance coverage policy covers. Major medical will pay the extra bulk of fees that may exceed the benefits under basic health insurance coverage. It also contains two types of features that can help the policy holder’s premium stay within its means they are called the deductible, and coinsurance. e. Comprehensive is a type of major medical insurance that deductible is low, and offered to individuals without any other separate basic plan. It helps…