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Tragedy Article Notes Classical Tragedy – Protagonist of high estate falls into misery as a result of his tragic flaw. Usually the protagonist is generally a good person and not evil. The downfall of an evil protagonist would not be considered tragic. Medieval Tragedy – Narrative of one falling from high to low estate due to the goddess of fortune “spinning her wheel.” Focused around the idea of fate. Taught scripture and reminded people of God's Judgment. Not generally performed. Renaissance Tragedy – Focuses more around the idea of a tragic flaw and human error leading to a downfall. Often includes subplots and comic relief. Frequently used ghosts and five-act structure. Violent plots. Tragic Flow – Errs of the tragic hero by actions or omissions lead to the destruction of the hero. Five Stages of Tragedy 1. Encroachment – Protagonist makes often unconscious mistake by taking on too much that causes their fall. 2. Complication – Build up of events leading to conclusion. 3. Reversal – Clear that hero's expectations are wrong and fat will become the opposite. 4. Catastrophe – Unveils the hero's limitations. 5. Recognition – Audience and occasionally the hero recognizes the irony of his actions. Six Parts of Tragedy – Plot, Characters, Diction, Thought, Spectacle, and Melody. Tragedy, unlike history, shows what can be. It is universal, demonstrates…