Essay about Something: Drinking Culture and Different Drinking Ages

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Paul Morrison

Lowering the drinking age to 18

Everyone knows that it is illegal to drink alcohol before the age of twenty-one is the minimum age act was approve by President Ronald Reagan in July of 1984. Earlier in the 80s, states had different drinking ages. But by 1988, all fifty states amended the drinking age law. Many people agree with the law, some might even say that the age should be older. However, the legal drinking age cause more problems than it prevents. Changing the drinking age to 18 will help stop underage drinking because not a lot of teens are going to drink as much when it legal, that being said Also an 18 year old is technical considered as an adult so I don’t see the reason why an 18 year cant purchase and make there own decision, if there willing to drink or not. For example teenagers that have jobs by the age of 18 are being tax. from there jobs , if the government is allow to take taxes from an 18 year old this mean there paying taxes just like every other adult in American. Regulation such as this makes teenagers want to rebel also students tend to drink more because of the uncertainty as to when they might be able to drink again. Furthermore students tend to be peer pressure to drink by other students due to the fact that it’s illegal. Moreover there is no reason why student shouldn’t be able to drink due to the rise up in teenagers in the U.S. For instance, college students under the age of 21 have a tendency to want to drink because they were told that they couldn’t. And from my personal experience when teenagers or told they