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The ruling of Proposition 8: duality of arguments and views The presence of homosexuality has not sprung from the 70’s suddenly in a lightning flash in human history. The act of men loving men and women loving women has for, multi millennia, existed presumably before recorded history, but of course assumptions cannot stand without backbone so to speak. History shows the diversity of human thought and culture; acceptance of one another and even praise for what cannot be normally done. The Sambia Tribe, a sect of Native Americans, did not disapprove of homosexuality, infact they praised them for achieving a higher level of empathy. They did not discriminate ones sexual orientation because they believed the soul made the person, not the physical endowments. If a man with a body of a man could love another man as a woman, then the tribe would rejoice for the man who had both the souls of a male and female, vice versa for gay women. With the ability to see from a male and female perspective, the homosexuals of the tribe often were sought out for spiritual guidance and advice, given highest respects, often the position of shaman for their dual insight. Worlds and centuries apart, the Romans definition of homosexuality did not point to gender, but to social status. If one man were “free” and another not, sexual acts were not frowned upon in society. Lucretius, a roman poet and philosopher famous for his epic “De rerum natura” had very open views on homosexuality. Robert