Music During Class

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Music during Class We come to you, the Board of Education, to convince you, to provide encouragement for the

teachers to evaluate their students under the demonstration of which of their students work better with

some type of music playing in the background compared to there being no music at all. The majority of

the students find it better to concentrate on the lectures that the teachers are giving while they're

listening to music, compared to not listening to music at all. So, answer us this: Do you find it better to

work with some type of noise in the background or having complete silence.

The things that we have experienced while taking a test or listening to the teacher's lectures, was

that while we have some type of music playing through our devices, we can concentrate more on what

they are saying, having a better chance at passing a test or quiz. Where as without listening to music,

we tend to lose interest in what we are being taught, having more of a possibility of failing during a

quiz or a test.

On the other hand, some people may believe that listening to music during a lecture

would cause you to not be able to hear a word of it. Our experiment will help us prove to you that there

are people who are able to hear things better while listening to the rhythm of the music. It helps us

relax and remember more of what has been said.

So I ask you, Is it really that bad of an idea? To allow students the chance to get higher

grades in class, only because they listen to music? Our belief is that music helps, and having an

experiment would show whether we are right or wrong. Besides, what's the harm in having some music

in the background? Even if it doesn't help some people, there are others