Something I Wrote Way Back When (No Purpose) Essay

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Chapter one: the change; the kill
BOOM BANG CRASH SCREECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the last thing I heard before I died. The car crash keeps playing over in my head as I lay in the heavens’ above. Thinking about the idiotic person who would drive drunk and claim my life and not his own. For some reason however I always thought about how I would die but I never knew when I did in the process I would have to have a huge gash in my back. When I was alive in high school I was always teased and I only had maybe a handful of real friends. High school was so bad the teachers even made fun of me and they would fail me for no reason. At home was no better my parents would mentally and physically abuse me and it destroyed me. No one in my family really understood how I felt and how it hurt me, and honestly I don’t think that they really even cared about it. Anyway I should probably tell you what my name is. I’m Valery Windset and I’m 16 years old. I died four days after my birthday how fun. But since the crash I’ve been so depressed and have this theory that everyone who hurt me or hurt other people had to die and I would do whatever was possible to make that happen. But first I thought why not get the sorry loser who killed me, then maybe my family, then those stupid ugly kids, and the dumb teachers and the store keepers EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what I would or wanted to do to them but I know that I was gonna do something very very cruel and brutal to them. I just had to find a human that I could put my body into she had to be cute but goth but look like me and kind of promiscuous. So I’m gonna take a trip down to earth and find the perfect girl I can make my all star murderer. I decided to go to the mall in my local town where I used to live. I’m sure that’s where most girls hang out. I needed a girl with black hair and I would need to pick up some of her behavior so when I went to her house (as me) nobody would think anything different of her. But then one of the prettiest girls ever walked by and I knew that she was the one she was sweet, popular, but she still had some type of spice to her. I followed her and her friends around for about an hour and I picked up most of her behavior. I mean of course I wasn’t gonna just start my killing spree right when I got into her body that just wouldn’t be right at all. So I figure maybe I’ll give it about a week or so and then start my massacre on helpless victims. So I walked by her and quickly slipped into her body. The clothes that she was wearing were quiet snug fitting and they would hug u in places u never knew were there, but I would have to where this if I was gonna pass by as her, which by the way is going to be very difficult for me, cause I normally where comfortable clothes that I feel good in but whatever I guess I don’t care it’s no big deal to me I guess. I just sat there and looked around until one of her friends snapped me back to reality
“Shannon…. Shannon are you ok?”
So I replied back I guess that’s what I was suppose to do I think that would be polite to do but the only problem is that I don’t know what to say I just so I just said
“Um.yeah I guess that I’m ok”
Her voice was so soft and sweet like the angels. She was a very smooth talker then I didn’t know what her friends name was so I just called her Beth
“Sorry Beth I kind of spaced out a little bit there”
“Ugh Shannon my name isn’t Beth its Lauren are u ok I mean I know your still kind of upset cause Jason broke up with you but you have to give it a rest”
“O duh I’m sorry I guess I’m not myself today I think I’m gonna have to skip the mall today girls I really need to go home……. Where is my home?”
I know I probably shouldn’t have said that because they would think I’m some type of insane freak or something and I don’t wanna be betrayed in that way, but I guess to them that’s how I was and I’m use to it so it’s not really a problem people always use to think that