Son of the morning star Essay

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“Son of the Morning Star”

The film “Son of the Morning Star” was based on the best selling book “Son of the Morning Star” written by Evan S. Connell. The film starred actor Gary Cole who wonderfully played the famous General Custer. Another lead actor was Rodney A. Grant who played Crazy Horse. Supporting actors included Rosanna Arquette as Libby Custer, Stanley Anderson as Ulysses S. Grant, Dean Stockwell as General Philip Sheridan and narration by Buffy Sainte-Marie. I thought having Buffy Sainte-Marie narrative the Indian’s views throughout the film was a good idea. This Native maiden was Kate Bighead. You really got a feel on how the Native Americans felt through this horrific time period. The view of Custer’s wife Libby also tells the story. With both views being told it balances the story to were you hear both sides. All the actors really played their character well. The title of the book/ film gets its name because that is what the Native Americans call Custer, “Son of the morning star who attacks at dawn”. This is stated in the film when Kate Bighead starts to narrate and tells you how she as a Indian maiden feels about him. She describes the way her looks and acts which is spot on to how he actually acted and looked. Gary Cole played George Custer, who was the leader of the 7th Cavalry of the Great Plains, which took place in the 1870s. Custer goal was to rid America of all Native Americans. From the very beginning Custer had no intentions of maintaining peace with Native Americans. He broke treaties so that settlers could mine for gold in Indian Reservations. The story of Son of the Morning Star doesn’t make Custer the ultimate bad guy but additionally doesn’t show Custer as an American hero that earlier stories portrayal. The story of film shows a young ruthless army officer that he really was. Gary Cole plays an unbelievable Colonel Custer. The film depicts the events prior to The Battle of Little Big Horn. The first part of the film seems slow and disordered and is the movie’s only mistake. We encounter the characters, soak in the rich…