Song Dynasty and Cambridge University Press Essay

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Biography Guiding Questions

What impact did this person have on their own society?

Where did they live?
Emperor Huizong lived in the Song Dynasty of China.
Was this person “talented” at something?
1: He was a skilled poet, painter, musician, and calligrapher.
What significant events happened in their lifetime? (war, specific inventions, political reform…)
3: The Jin Dynasty and the Song Dynasty allied and destroyed the Lian Dynasty, who were the Song Dynasty’s long-time enemy. But then the Jin Dynasty turned on the Song Dynasty and after 2 sieges took over their capital, Kaifeng. 6: He died in northern Manchuria. 7: One of his sons escaped from the Jins and formed the Southern Song Dynasty.
Did he/she have a title? (royalty, doctor…)
He was called Emperor.
When did they live?
2: He lived 2 November 1082 – 4 June 1135
What level of society were they part of? (aristocracy, nobility, peasant…)
He was royalty.
Did people of the time support or oppose them?
The Lin dynasty turned on them.
What was their purpose? What did they support? (religious change, govt. support, science…)
4: He supported Taoism, and that led to the defeat of his reign.
How did they get their position? (born into it, specific talent, fighting…)
After his half-brother died he took the position.
How long did they hold the position?
5: They held it for about 26 years.
Did they have a positive or negative effect on their society?
Their impact was pretty neutral.
Would they have been thought of differently by people from different levels of society? (peasants, royalty, church members…)
Yes. The peasants would have respected him.
Would they have been looked at differently by different peoples? (ie Christopher Columbus… the Native Americans

Should history remember them? Why or Why not? Why should we care?
No, we shouldn’t care. History should remember him because of his humiliating loss.
How they changed our way of life (invention, govt. change, laws…)
He didn’t…