Song Of Solomon Rhetorical Analysis

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After slavery, African Americans did not gain true physical nor mental freedom.The consistent racism in a dominant white culture society causes African American to lose their identity, create internalize racism within the African American community, and the feeling of despise towards themselves or others. Toni Morrison, the author of Song of Solomon use different techniques of symbolism and irony of the complex character tied with historical reference to contribute to the discourse of the important topic of racism and its lasting impact on generations of African Americans.Today there is sill the isolation of black people from the black community and the desire to fit in with whites.The idea of being light skin is better is very much alive today in the …show more content…
Macon Dead who is a rich black man looks down on other black people and does not wish to associate with them. He tries his best to fit in with the white community.He himself is a symbolism for the rich black people at that time and even today that isolate themselves from the black community and try to fit in with the white community. Morrison use of irony when it comes Dr. foster who is seen as the black community's pride as he was the first black doctor in the town yet he was full of hate towards himself and the black community. His view of white people being superior is shown even black people loved him and praised him “ Negroes in this town worshiped him. He didn’t give a damn about them, though. Called them cannibals.“(pg 126) The black people in town loved him so much to the point of calling the street he lived in as doctor street yet he saw them man-eaters. When Dr.Foster was delivering his grandchildren he only cared for their skin tone “He delivered both your sisters himself and each time all he was interested in was the color of their skin”(pg