Essay about Sonny's Blues

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We have the same shortcoming in building structure of an essay. The lowest score of my essay 1 is structure part. Structure is the most essential of the whole story. Being with many ways is very essence in writing. There are several rules that can help you how to improve the organizational readability of your work. In order to address the well structure, it must learn to write deliberately and with forethought. Plan what you're going to write and how you're going to write it. Here are some advices for you and me to improve our structure of writings. First, in nonfiction writing, make sure the supporting points clear and establish of the concept flow to consequences and conclusions. Second, make your points quickly. Too long of the essay will makes the reader get bored. Not to mention, the reader will notice that something is off about your idea. That does not mean that everything you write must be short, but only that long pieces should be built out of short pieces put in order.
Take all the pieces down to a single thought, by express in a single sentence, and rebuild it from the beginning. When in doubt, break the pieces down and rebuild it from its primary components. The biggest trick is structure diffusion, rather than trying communicating one thing well, it will end up saying lots of things badly. Good structure it requires a clear idea of what you are writing, how you are doing it and why.
Set all the piece aside and try to make as final point in a single sentence. It should not be use of compound sentences, try to keep it simple and limit it to a single direct thought. If that is not the idea you wish to write, then what it mean is you do not have a clear enough points of what it is you're trying to approach. In order to write a good structure of essay it must reorganize the piece and split up into several separate ones. Structure is to inform