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Alyssa Churchill
Mr. Holman
5 April 2013 Bullying These two films touched me in a different way. “Bully” and “Bowling for Columbine” both express an issue that is most often swept under the rug. Most people don’t understand how much bullying effects a person and their family, these two films give you an inside look at the pain caused by bullying. The physical and mental abuse that kids undergo in school should not be tolerated. The writers of these two documentaries use similar devices to capture the viewer’s attention and point out all of the hurt that is caused by bullying. The two documentaries differ in many ways. One shows you the other side of bullying and gives you a first hand look at how bullying can effect your entire family. The other is more of a detailed story of what caused the Columbine shooting. The writers of these two films have a different way of getting their message across. Although the two story lines are so different, they still give off the same message. The biggest similarity of these two films is the struggles that the students face daily. The pain that is caused by bullying is highlighted in these films giving the viewer a sense of empathy towards the students. The students that were being harassed were scared to even go into school some days, and that’s not the way our society should be. In both the films they use real students to help others connect to the issue. The two writers are using their films to promote awareness