Sonny's Blues Literary Analysis

Words: 834
Pages: 4

Have you ever tried to love a heroin addict? It can be a long, winding and exhausting road. In the short story Sonny’s Blues, James Baldwin portrays the internal struggles of a heroin addict, Sonny, and the rollercoaster relationship between him and his brother. There are many examples throughout the story that displays the narrator attempting to be Sonny’s rock. There are times where the relationship drifts further away than other times but in the end the love and support for each other shines through more than ever. The theme brotherly love is the most evident in this particular story because Sonny is shown love and encouragement by his brother even though he has done wrong many times. From the start of the story it is made clear that …show more content…
Also on page fifty-nine, their mother said, “You’ve got to hold on to your brother and don’t let him fall, no matter what it looks like is happening to him and no matter how evil he gets. Let him know you’re there.” The narrator understood what his mother was telling him back then when he figured out what Sonny went to jail for. He decided to help Sonny and take Sonny’s problems into his own hands. He started writing to Sonny all the time. On page sixty, when Sonny got out of jail, he invited Sonny to stay in his wife’s house and he tried to talk to Sonny about what he wanted to do in life. Sonny explained that he wanted to be a Jazz pianist and the narrator dismissed it and told him that he needs to finish school. This demonstrates how the narrator is trying to push his brother to be better. This shows the narrator demonstrating his unconditional love for Sonny.
The last example of brotherly love in this story is when the narrator and Sonny got into a fight and distanced themselves for a while but Sonny ended up coming back and inviting his brother to a gig that he would be playing piano at. Pages seventy through seventy-one describe how Sonny shows his passion for the music on