Sons of Guadalupe Essay

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The Sons Of Guadalupe

Don’t Eat the Bear: A Spanish adventurer named Gaspar De Portola in 1769 passed through a region what is now Santa Barbara. In the near by sand dunes he found a lake where he crossed passed with an “oso flaco”, a skinny bear. They were dying of hunger and ate the skinny bear not knowing it was poisoned.
El Rincon Del Mundo: The Spanish believed that California was the place of great mystery and perhaps even paradise. Before the eighteenth century it was too far north from the Spanish that they thought it might be at the edge at the world. At one point the even thought it might had been an island ruled by Calafia, an Amazon Queen.

The Skinny Bear: Oso Flaco has a variety of species of animals. It also has
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The money was said to have been lost in scandals and even disappeared.

11 Mexican Restaurants: Due to all the Mexican population leaving Guadalupe to come to United States, they left many things behind. Now there is only 11 restaurants open because many people left Guadalupe to come help the agriculture in the United States.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Forks: Mexican children were discriminated by the cafeteria people. They wouldn’t give them forks because they didn’t know how to use them since they only ate with tortillas and they would scared because they could use them to stab other students. Even after all the discrimination the Mexican families complain but didn’t seem to give up and let this bring them down.

Una Caballeriza: During the 1920s, the Lemon Grove School Board received many complaints about the Mexican students. Some complaint were on how they poor health, or how they couldn’t speak English fluently, and even how they wouldn’t perform well in school. They decided to send the Mexican kids to a different school all by themselves. Parents complained and said this was discrimination for their kids and the referred this as “una caballeriza”

We Want Mexican Teachers and the Guadalupe 7: El Comité wanted better education for Guadalupe’s Mexican children in the school system. They were the spark that caused some students to make signs that said “We want Mexican Teacher.” In April 1972 El