Sony's interaction to global business Essay

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ITEM 1: Sony produces their products in many countries. One major type of production they produce is called “overseas model,” and it correspond to many countries and regions basically. For example, operation manual is written in many languages for this model, and also, voltage range is widely setup to be used around the world. One another important thing about its correspondence is warranty. Overseas model put a common warranty service into effect in 53 countries and regions, which are shown in a chart with colors. Warranty card is issued for all the products of overseas model, and for one year after your purchase, you can get a free service in service stations of 53 areas. (113 words)

ITEM 2: This graph shows the rate of global sales in three major electronic companies in Japan, which are Sony, Panasonic, and Sharp. Sony is shown in a black graph, which represents that they make most of the sales outside Japan. Since their sales are mostly from outside, they are affected on the exchange rate, which can affect up to 100 billions of their profit. In 2013 from April to June, Sony made a profit after the long deficit in their electronics enterprise by cheap yen. However, they estimate the enterprise would suffer in their profit in 2014 again. Sony’s strategy would be to use exchange rate to avoid deficit in the enterprise and to reform their enterprise in an efficient way. (120 words)

ITEM 3: Greenpeace International made a ranking subject to 16 global electronic companies in the world according to the eco-friendly measurement in 2012. WIPRO, the Indian company was in the first place of this ranking, and Sony was ranked eighth, which is the best among other Japanese companies. They made this ranking in 2006 to request companies to stop hazardous chemical substance step by step. Sony manages those substances by their original method, and trying to stop using them in their products. Two typical things they avoids using are PVC and BFR for example. They both have a risk of producing a harmful substance by unsuitable disposal. Sony have produced BFR free product for the first in the industry in 2002, and now, they have replaced those substances to the unhazardous substances in many of their products. This performance is one of the reasons why they were evaluated on the eighth place. (150 words)

ITEM 4: Sony made a remarkable progress in the world’s smart phone market. Its volume of shipment became the third place in the world share. In several…