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MS Computer Science
Statement of Purpose
With this exponential rise in population it has become impossible to save information on paper, as done earlier.Now everything is stored in byte format. As the data increases the time required to process increases. Now- a-days most of the transactions are done by internet banking. The data needs to be saved properly in secure place. My aim is to develop a database system which is highly scalable and which will fetch the record in very little time span. To perform accurate analyses which lead to confident decision making on structured and unstructured data available. Also to secure the data from intruder and maintain all security limits as mentioned in OSI model.
Now-a-days mobile usage has increased due to amazing inventions in Android features. But they are now getting infected by Android Trojans. To implement inter-device mobility means watching a movie on mobile and continue it on any other device. My interest in Networks was enhanced by some paper presentations on subjects like Voice over internet Protocol and Chameleon chip during my BE curriculum.
My wish to become a software engineer, was realized when I joined IBM India private limited after graduation. In my 22 months experience here I got to know whole SDLC life cycle which is an important part for the development of any project. Along with unit testing I am also working on the development of AS/400technologywhich is formally named as IBM i and has OS/400 software environment. I am working on SYNON tool which automatically instantiates the specialized template over the data model and generates high- level language code in RPG and COBOL without any further developer intervention. It generates the SQL and DDS code to define the necessary database tables and views. I have been working on different languages like RPGLE and CL which are the bases for AS/400 technology.
I have worked on various modules related to development. Among those is the project named as Explanation of benefits (EOB), which is generated monthly. Earlier this process used to run on single engines with code written in RPGLE, CL and Synon. But by that the performance was reduced, taking 12 days to run this process. To resolve this issue we decided to multi thread the process. This increased the performance and the output got generated instantly, completing the job within 12 hours. For every month different engines were assigned. I helped my lead in whole SDLC life cycle starting from creating estimates and getting to know the requirement till the final promotion of our code to QA team. I always tried to analyze the code by debugging the activities by making few changes in the code and tried to fix it like the spiral model. We delivered the project without any defects and within timelines. We implemented Water fall model for the completion of the project. For this project we got many appreciation mails from clients and onsite. For my good performance I secured the Eminence and Excellence Award as the Best Graduate Hire in Public HealthCare sector. I have worked in QA for one project in which I raised many defects. In this project I had direct interaction with the clients. I got to learn many aspects of business.These experiences have made me all the more eager to upgrade my technical knowledge so that I can map my capacities to the fullest and achieve my career goal.
I pursued my undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering at one of the prestigious colleges affiliated to Pune University. My strong academics enable me to always be among top 3 students of my department. These four years were very crucial as it concretized my way of thinking and understanding through courses like database management networking, networking, operating system, data structure and computer architecture. Among the several subjects that I studied the one that primarily interested me was