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Telecommunication has been my preferred domain since I completed Bachelors from Mumbai
University. The transformation of computers to iPad, and telephones to small palm sized mobile phones, without wires, inspired me to gain an insight into the factors responsible for wireless communication. The extraordinary developments in this field, both in Wide and Local Area
Networks, especially in the Network Management and Security Systems further stimulated my interest and have encouraged me to opt for post­graduation in Computer and Network System
Security. After completing my high school, I enrolled myself for the graduate program in
Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. The well organized syllabus has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Digital Communication and Wireless Systems. I have developed a keen interest in these subjects mainly due to their highly mathematical approach. And because of my diligence and hard work I was able to score
62% in B.E

To acquire more practical knowledge of Networking Systems, I joined a firm, XXXX
Enterprises as a Network Engineer in May 2010. While working with them I gained immense of experience. I completed my training and worked on many different Projects as a Network
Engineer with them such as designing, setting up and managing the Network. The projects gave me hands­on experience in Linux administration, shell scripting, public private key cryptography and digital signatures. I thoroughly enjoyed researching and learning about the network security algorithms and implementing them in a practical situation. But to evolve in this competitive IT field and to progress further in my career I have to gain more knowledge and brush up my skills.
That’s why a Post Graduate degree in Computer and Network Security Systems will not only keep me informed about the technological advances, but also give me an overall understanding of the nitty­gritty in the industry. After consulting with my peers and seniors, I’m convinced that Canada is a better option to pursue post­graduation, as it has developed a first­rate education system with higher standards and global recognition. Canadian culture is more diverse and vibrant. It is considered peaceful, safe and orderly country. Being a country of immigrants from all over the World, different perspectives are respected and learning together is encouraged. I have also come to learn that the
Georgian College is one of largest, most diversified and highly respected colleges in Canada.
Georgian results on the KPI Surveys exceeded the provincial college average especially in student satisfaction in terms of quality of services,…