Sop for Mba Essay

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My journey of life, if seen through the prism of History, would reveal how I have grown from a modest background in an environment of close-knit family ties, amidst the trials and tribulations of destiny. I consider myself fortunate enough to be brought up in a small town called Hiriyur. This, incidentally, acted as my window to see the backward aspects of a semi-urban lifestyle, bereft of the structural manifestations of urban opportunities. My upbringing in the company of four members, in a conservative atmosphere -- my parents, one elder sister has imbibed in me the spirit of togetherness as the means of progression in life. It taught me how we can overcome the most trying of circumstances, thereby enabling us to absorb the physical and …show more content…
I want to introduce and make most part of the world relish my home cuisine as it deserves to be enjoyed by whole world. And also I would like to revamp my parents’ nursing home which has been shut for decades for lack of finance and proper management and bring back the lost glory.
Moreover, an MBA will help me develop a cross-functional approach towards understanding the nuances of business. It will give me a broader understanding of the functioning of different components in a business organization -- production, marketing, human resource, financial management. It would also enable me to study from close quarters how IT is drawing synergies between each component of business. Students would bring with them the experiences of their countries' culture, business models, practices and customs, thereby broadening my horizons of thought.
Thus, hailing from India -- a land of richness, one can expect from me the richness of Indian culture -- which thrives on 'unity in diversity'. I can contribute to the class on ways more than one. I would like to share my views, with an open mind, with my classmates on what I have understood of India, Her People, Her Culture and Her Politics, as an Indian and as a student of History.

After my schooling at Ole Miss, where I foresee an opportunity to learn and gain a sound