Sophie Scholl and Story Ideas Essay

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Unfortunately for me, yes. Often I get ideas so perfect they hurt and then consume me because they WILL be worked upon however little I actually want to abandon current projects. Lots of story ideas have come clamoring at me these past couple of weeks as I wrote The Windy Side of Care and went back to finishing edits on Fly Away Home. Autumn always furnishes more inspiration than I know what to do with, so I always store it away like a miser and sort it out later on.
I can't work on a complex story like The Baby while my time is chopped up by schedules and politics and hardly any time to write--Baby is at that tangled stage I come to in every story where only clinging to the mizzenmast and peering through the sleet gets me through; right now I don't have time to cling to any masts so I'm sticking with fleshing out a few other story ideas and seeing what will come next after The Baby. Perhaps I'll even work simultaneously; we shall see. After next week when my schedule clears I intend to put my nose back to the grindstone with him.
The Windy Side of Care has come back from several readers with varying degrees of criticism which I am sure will be wonderful in the editing stages; for the most part I'm encouraged--people seem to like it pretty well and most have assured me that it has twists they never thought a Cinderella-story would take, so that's pleasant to hear; there is only but so much you can do with rags-to-riches bones that still have to have all the fleshing out of classic Cinderella-isms to qualify.
The excellent Bree Holloway is working on a mock-up cover for Fly Away Home which I'm excited about. I've wanted to make a little emblem for it for some time but my skills when it comes to things like that are nil. Soon you'll be able to put a face with FAH. (woo-hoo!)

Of the new story ideas, Murder, Miss Snubbins, Brownstone, and Much Love, Goldfinch