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TDA 2.4 Equality, diversity and inclusion in work with children and young people

2. Understand the impact of prejudice and discrimination on children and young people.

2.3. Assess how own attitudes, values and behaviour could impact on work with children and young people.

Each and every person has a different attitude and different values from one another, this is what makes us all unique. Whilst I have been working alongside the year 5 class at St Deny's Primary School I have came to realise the children whom stand out from the others due to their attitudes and behaviour. With this I have found that is better to not make a big deal of them when they choose to act in that manner. I always act professional during the time in which I am in the school as I would not want the children to copy any inappropriate behaviour or attitudes which I may portray. Each adult which I will come across within the working environment in the school may not always have the same attitude or values as I have to certain things. The way in which I and the class teacher see how to deal with behaviours of children is different. I try to persist with those whom are misbehaving and not getting on with their work, whereas the teacher believes they should just be left alone and disciplined if they do not do the work which has been set. Whilst I have been working around the children I have to ensure that I think before I speak and the actions which I may use because children easily absorb any behaviour which they may come across and may then copy this. This is not very good as the children see me as a role model in their class and look up to me during the time I am there. I have to be sure that I do not show negative behaviour towards others whom may be off different race or religion then the children may pick up on this and chose to act in this manner themselves. Children are not fully understanding of what attitudes and behaviours are right and which are wrong. As a Teaching Assistant I have the duty and responsibility to always respect others and accept them for who they are. A good way to this is to ensure that I think about my own beliefs and attitudes so that I ensure that I do not judge others, whether it be because of their race, religion or gender.
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