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Jinyi Li Sophisticate
Word can be attractive to people. The dictionary only gives us the external meaning of the word. Magically, the meaning of word can be totally different with the meaning shown on the dictionary based on different contexts and circumstances. I will explain a specific word which I saw on a SAT vocabulary book, “Sophisticate”
I seldom use this word in my daily life because it is a very complicated word and I do not have chances to say that. However, after I searched this mysterious word on dictionary; the meaning of this word deeply imprinted in my mind, having worldly knowledge, refinement, and savoir-faire and intellectually appealing, even ahead in development, really impressive to me even though I never really say it. The dictionary gives me the original and external meaning of the word Sophisticate. However, as time goes by, I became more and more sophisticate and I found some different meanings of the word “sophisticate”, which do not mentioned on dictionary.
First, “sophisticate” is not a completely commendatory term, which means sophisticate people can be bad. My friend Parker, who had a girlfriend in his hometown, dated with another girl in school and both of his original girlfriend and his girlfriend in school don’t know the truth. For hiding the truth, he even applied for two Facebook accounts, one for his friends in his hometown and the other one for his friends in college. When my roommates who clearly knew the truth of Parker’s “pure” passion, talked about him with me, they described him with the word sophisticated. Although I am an international student, I realized that they were not praising Parker at that time. So the word “sophisticated” could also