Sophocles and Oedipus Daughter Antigone Essay

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Antigone I decided to do my report on Oedipus’ daughter Antigone. This was the third and final story that was written. It begins with Antigone, who is the protagonist, and her sister Ismene. Though there are two sisters Antigone is the more forward and aggressive one. Their brother died and was shamed so he did not have a proper burial. Antigone knows that she is forbidden from having a priest say a few words and to bury him with respect, but she wants to do it anyways. All the while Ismene is telling Antigone that they shouldn’t do this, which they were told not to do, but Antigone ignores her and tells her that he was their brother and he deserves more than a shameful burial. Ismene is afraid to speak her mind. After her mother’s suicide and her father’s disgraceful death she doesn’t want to become like them. She wants to be respected and loved not remembered for the things her family had done. Ismene is a tiny woman. She is five feet tall and can weigh no more than one hundred pounds. She is the little sister that looks up to Antigone. Ismene fiercely respects Antigone, but fears she can never measure up no matter what she does. Ismene gathers all of her courage in order to help Antigone while dealing with Creon, but there is only so much that she can do. I fiercely admire Ismene in that one moment. She is afraid and frightened, but she helped Antigone when she believed that she needed her. Antigone tells her sister to leave her alone that if Ismene doesn’t want to help her bury their brother then she should leave. Antigone has no problem doing what needs to be done in order for others to respect their family. These are only two of the many characters in this story, but already Antigone is taking charge and proving why the story was written about her and not her sister. Antigone has courage and pride and she will defend both until she no longer can. To me Antigone is a beautiful woman who is no taller than five foot five and weighs no more than one hundred and thirty pounds. She is small in stature, but she makes up for it whenever she speaks her mind. Because one thing I know is that when Antigone speaks, she is heard. Creon is the new King who took over the duties of Antigone’s father after he died. He is the man who would not allow Antigone’s brother to have a proper funeral. He is also the one who Antigone has to sneak around in order to give her brother the proper burial he deserves. When I read this story, a picture of who this man could be automatically formed in my head as I read the story. He is tall, he has fair hair and eyes, but looking into those eyes and trusting him would be your downfall. Creon is a ruthless and conniving man. He uses words and lies to hide the truth about who he is. The only mention of music in this story about Antigone is the chorus. The chorus was made up of all of the male sex. No females were allowed to sing or act. For the female characters in the stories boys whose voices had not yet changed were used as women. I can hear the kind of music I would have chosen to use way back then. For sure there would be drums that were banged hard and fast to build up tension. Then I would have more drums that were played at a slow and soft pace for a love scene. When Antigone and her sister are going at it I would have a kind of harpist plucking at her strings instead of strumming them. The most important thing about a play is the story itself, but the music that is played to accompany the story is one the list of top ten important things. I believe the plot for this story is all based on the death of Antigone’s brother and father. I think it’s about her father because she is basically left alone with her brother’s death and finding a way to get a proper burial all by herself. If her father had never died then her brother would have never died when Creon took the thrown from him. If her brother had died when Antigone’s father was still alive he would have